International Driving License – Overview On Applying Methods

International Driving Permit (IDP) is the translation of your Indian driving license. It is an valid document for the motorist who wishes to drive vehicles at foreign countries. Get an international driving permit online to save time and money.

How to Apply For IDP?

People planning to travel abroad & like to drive, must have a valid driving license like an International Driving Permit. Driving license is maximum valid for 1 year, it is issued by RTO. Vital requirements to apply for an international driving license .Few steps to be followed while applying for IDP.

Requirements to Get IDP:

  • Photocopy of passport and visa
  • Photocopy of driving license
  • Valid flight ticket where you plan to go
  • Photocopy of age and address proof
  • Medical certificate of applicant
  • 2 passport size photo

Note: The address mentioned in the driving license and passport must be the same.

Criteria to Fulfill At RTO Office

  • You have to fill up 2 forms at RTO office. One is IDP application form and other is Form 4 or 4-A which contains information about driving license
  • Appropriate medical certificate from the officer to show your fit to drive
  • The form should attested by gazetted officer
  • It is submitted at the RTO office along with needed photocopies

How Long It Will Take To Get IDP?

  • It will take 30 minutes duration to fill up the documents before visiting the RTO
  • After submitting the application form, you will receive SMS to your registered phone number
  • You will get either IDP on the same day or else on the next day.

Where To Get IDP?                          

If you have a doubt where to get an international driving permit then you need to read the below-mentioned places. There are 3 ways to get International Driving Permit such as Zonal Regional Transport Office (RTO), International Traffic Control Association (ITCA) and Western Indian Automobile Association (WIAA). These offices are highly responsible for providing IDP for interested individuals.

Regional Transport Office:

Regional Transport Office is authorized organization by the Indian government for issuing driving licenses. Issue personalized registrations, collect vehicle tax as well as maintain drivers and cars record. Several RTO zonal offices scattered over India. Similar to the parent body, each zonal office is quite responsible for offering an International Driving Permit.

Documents Required For IDL At RTO

  • Indian Passport – You must have a valid password with a minimum validity of about 6 months left to apply for IDP
  • Indian Driving License – You need to submit a valid driving license to apply for an international Moreover, the license should be valid till the driver return back to India.
  • Visa Copy – A photocopy of Visa must be attached and get approved by the country which you are going to visit.
  • Air Ticket – You must be ready with onward & return flight ticket prior to visiting RTO office
  • Photographs – 4 passport size photos to proceed with the application form

Western Indian Automobile Association:

It provides IDPA service at Ahmedabad, Pune, and Mumbai. Presently, WIAA issues IDP to its members alone. To apply through the WIAA website, they must have a valid driving license or Indian passport issued by the local authority.

Steps To Apply For IDP Through WIAA

  • Visit the office of WIAA or apply online to become its member
  • The International Driving Permit form is available at WIAA website or else downloaded & filled prior to visiting the office available at Ahmedabad, Pune or Mumbai
  • 1000 must pay as the fee while submitting the application form with required documents
  • Individual must have valid passport and driving license, issued by the authorities of Ahmedabad, Pune or Mumbai.
  • Must carry 4 passport size photo

International Traffic Control Association:

One of the convenient means to get IDP is by visiting the ITCA website. The processing fee to get IDP through International Traffic Control Association is US$34. Though ITCA processes your license application in a few hours, considered the most costly option.

Steps To Follow For Applying Through IDP

  • You must attach passport size biometric photo and signature
  • Scan copy of Indian driving license attached with scan copy of Indian passport
  • Needed documents uploaded in

Advantages Of International Driving License

  • IDP facilitate the process of driving or renting motor vehicles abroad
  • It has wider acceptance in about 150 countries
  • IDP offers translation into several languages so authorities. Therefore, foreign police can easily understand your license
  • It helps in overcoming the difficulties faced by a driver in foreign counties when they drive vehicles
  • IDP is quite easy to apply and does not need a driving test

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