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The Darvaza gas crater popularly known as a door to hell is 230 feet wide and65 feet deep.

The burning pool of fire located in the Karakorum desert in Turkmenistan.
In 1971 a team of geologist explored the Karakorum desert in search of oil while drilling they discover that their drilling. The site was a huge underground container of natural gas, the crater started emitting these harmful gases.

In order to prevent the escaping gas from polluting the environment,
the crew set it on fire hoping the gas will be burned off in a few days time, but it was a wrong prediction, it burned for days, weeks, months and years, till today (46 years now) the crater is still in flames.

Door to hell

In 2010 Turkmenistan's president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow ordered that the crater should be closed, but it was never closed.

Nobody knows how long the crater will keep burning or if it will be closed, although it attracts a lot of tourists to Turkmenistan yearly.

In 2013 Canadian explorer George Kourounis on an adventure funded by National Geographic and travelling company Kensington tours became the first person to go down the hole.

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